Wax Services

Waxing Tips

-Let your hair grow approximately 2 to 3 weeks or one quarter inch before waxing.
-Let your esthetician know of any special medications you are currently taking.
(some medications can make skin more sensitive)
-Stay out of the sun / tanning bed a minimum of 24 hours before and after waxing.

Body Waxing

Starting From...

Full Arms $40

Half Arms $28

Under Arms $21

Full Legs $71

Upper  Legs $51

Lower Legs $45
Full Back $48 Partial Back $35
Abdomen $25

Chest $40

Traditional Bikini - $32 this removes the hair that is not covered by your bikini bottom. Typical areas waxed are the inner thighs and side panels of your bikini area.
Extended Bikini - $42 More hair is removed then a traditional bikini. Also known as a French Bikini.
Brazilian Bikini- $62 This is where all of the hair is removed from the front & side of the bikini area.
Full Brazilian Bikini- $71 This is where all of the hair is removed from the front, side of the bikini area and back.

Face Waxing

Starting From...

New Eyebrow Design $25

Eyebrow Maintenance $17

Upper Lip $12

Side of Face $25

Chin $12

Full Face $50

Platinum features separate Men's and Women's Spa service areas, each equipped with lockers, showers and lounge facilities. Complimentary use to signature showers and locker facilities.


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