Platinum Points

"Platinum Points" - Customer Loyalty Points Program

How it works:
It is quite simple... You will receive points for every Dollar that you spend on Services & Retail at Platinum Salon & Spa

When can I redeem my "Platinum Points"?
You can redeem your points as often as you like for discounts on Service and Retail Products at Platinum. When you check out at the front desk at the bottom of your sales receipt will have your total points available for redemption. (including your points during your current visit) When you are ready to redeem, simply let one of our front desk coordinators know that you would like to redeem your points and they can redeem them from your total bill for that specific visit to Platinum.

What is my "Platinum Points" Balance?
View the bottom of your sales receipt and it will display the total amount of points available. If you have an online appointment booking ID, you can view your points thru the online scheduling system. You may also contact our facility at (630) 893-2100. We will need to verify a few pieces of information in-order to provide you with an up-to date point balance.

Bonus "Platinum Points":
There will be various products throughout the facility that display "double points product". When you purchase these specified products then automatically double points will be posted to your account. There will be a monthly calendar available showing a complete breakdown of bonus points for the entire month.

What are my "Platinum Points" worth:
Receive 1 point for every one dollar spent at Platinum. Traditional points are worth 1% of your regular priced service & retail purchases. We will have many opportunities available for bonus points & double points. (ex: If you have 225 points then, you have $2.25 available for redemption.)

Refer a Friend Bonus Points:
Receive 500 bonus points when you refer a brand new friend to Platinum. Referral must be a new client to Platinum. Customers that have previously had services will not qualify. Existing Client of Platinum will receive bonus when new referral client comes in for their first appointment.

When do "Platinum Points" Expire:
Points will expire every 24 months.

Points can not be redeemed when you are using a special offer / promotion. You will still earn points, but you can not redeem them during that visit.

Platinum Salon & Spa reserves the right to change this Rewards Program at any time. Products or services purchased with Rewards Program points are non-refundable, and points are non-transferable. Rewards Program points are also not redeemable for cash.


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