Massage Treatments

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Swedish Massage

This full body massage utilizes relaxing techniques which promote deep relaxation, increase circulation and full mind and body stress relief.

60 minute treatment

Single - $70 | Series of 3 - $179 | Series of 6 - $350

90 minute treatment

Single - $115 | Series of 3 - $293 | Series of 6 - $575

Deep Tissue Massage
This massage releases chronic tension from the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure in specific areas. Deep Tissue Massage allows for increased mobility and comfort to the entire body. Minor discomfort or bruising may occur.

60 minute treatment

Single - $80 | Series of 3 - $204 | Series of 6 - $400

90 minute treatment

Single - $125 | Series of 3 - $319 | Series of 6 - $625

Therapeutic Massage
Customized massage to work on a specific problematic area's related muscle injury, accident, or discomfort.

$75 - 60 min
$120 - 90 min

Hot Stone Massage
Imagine lying comfortably upon a pattern of stones warmed to 140 degrees. Trails of heat flowing deep within the body, swirling along the spine, radiating through the shoulders and neck, flowing down the legs to the feet, lingering just long enough to melt tension from each and every muscle. The relaxing nature of Swedish massage hot stones facilitates the flow of relaxation through the body, mind and spirit.

$90 - 60 min

$135 - 90 min

Aromatherapy Massage
A massage designed specifically for those in need of relaxation! A personalized blend of essential oils are applied to the skin during the massage to aid in detoxification and stress relief.

$75 - 60 min

$120 - 90 min

Mother To Be Massage
Specifically designed for the mother-to-be. A body pillow will support the belly and make the expectant mother completely relaxed and comfortable. This massage helps to reduce back and neck tension associated with pregnancy. Smooth, relaxing strokes will put both mother and baby at ease.

$75 - 60 min

$120 - 90 min

Chairside Massage
Relax, increase circulation and relieve tension in neck, shoulders, and back.

$18 - 15 min

Massage for Two!
You and a friend can share the massage experience together. Please specify at time of scheduling.

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